Striping & Traffic Markings


Striping & Traffic MArkings

Updated parking lot striping enhances safety, improves organization, and keeps your asphalt looking crisp and fresh. At Imperial Asphalt, we are your Idaho asphalt striping professionals. Imperial Asphalt is based in the Southeast Idaho area and offers parking lot striping in cities like Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and surrounding areas.

Our parking lot striping service uses industrial-grade asphalt striping paint for parking lot marking and signage such as:

An Upgrade to your pavement

Turn to Imperial Asphalt for parking lot striping services in the Southeast Idaho area. Our crew can re-stripe your faded lot or paint your newly paved surfaces. We’ll use stencils to add parking lines, crosswalks or a variety of other designs to your asphalt or concrete.

Regardless of the size or shape of your parking lot, we can stripe it. Contact us today to get dependable parking lot services. Keeping up to date on your pavement asphalt can enhance its appearance, ensure they comply with fire codes, keep traffic organized and safe, maximize your available space, and more.

Before and after

New parking lot striping doesn’t just improve curb appeal, it also makes parking lots safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Check out this before and after picture of a striping layout we completed for one of our asphalt striping Idaho customers. If you like the look and you’re looking for asphalt striping in Southeast Idaho, request a free quote below!

Striping after Asphalt Repair

If you are seal coating an asphalt parking lot or other striped area, the old parking striping will get covered by the new seal coat. Re-striping your parking spaces and lines with fresh paint is needed after each seal coat service to re-establish the parking area and traffic flow.

If you are crack sealing your pavement and not seal coating, then re-striping isn’t necessary, unless you would like to update your pavement marking layout or freshen up faded or chipped paint on your asphalt surfaces. Depending on traffic volume and weather, parking lot re-striping is only needed every few years. We also do asphalt striping only projects, just let us know what type of parking lot maintence you are needing.