Asphalt Repair

Imperial Asphalt is based in Southeast Idaho and offers a variety of asphalt repair services, including parking lot repair, asphalt patching, asphalt driveway repair, and asphalt crack repair. Failing pavement areas can become a danger and a liability rather quickly. Repairing cracked asphalt should be a top priority to an owner. Asphalt repair is ideally done before seal coating or crack sealing.

Looking for a parking lot repair or asphalt patching Southeast Idaho service provider? Asphalt contractor Imperial Asphalt specializes in several asphalt repair services in Idaho:

Common causes of asphalt issues

Pothole formation and asphalt failure are common issues that need asphalt repairs. Both have to do with water — at the surface level and subsurface levels. Improper drainage, wavy or sunken asphalt, and areas with regular standing water, snow, or ice are of potential concern for needing parking lot repairs. Likewise, a compromised base or having too high of a water table can increase the risk of settling and eventual pavement failure.

Proper initial installation is the best protection against asphalt repairs, along with keeping current with regular asphalt maintenance services — sealing small cracks with sealer as soon as they appear and routinely seal coat asphalt surfaces. If you already have noticeable parking lot cracks or driveway cracks, it’s time to repair them.

Types of Asphalt Repair and patching Serivces

Depending on the situation, severity of the asphalt damage, and size of the damaged area, different repair and patching methods can be used:

Remove and Replace, or Dig-out Asphalt Patching
In most cases, removal and replacement is the best option for repairing damaged asphalt pavement in a failed area. This asphalt repair service may involve saw cutting around the perimeter of the compromised area with special equipment if required, removal of the current asphalt damage, dressing up the base as needed, then installing and compacting new, hot mix asphalt material. Note that dig-out blacktop patching is also the most expensive option when it comes to ashalt parking lot repair.

Skim or Level Course Asphalt Patching
Level course asphalt patch repair is an affordable and effective way to refresh failed or uneven asphalt areas – without the cost of saw cutting and asphalt removal. This asphalt fix is done by overlaying a new, hot asphalt patch on top of the existing old asphalt surface in a failing area. This process for patching asphalt begins by cleaning the area of debris and removing any loose or broken asphalt pieces. A tack coat is then applied as needed, followed by installing and compacting of a new asphalt overlay patch to the surface of the area. Level course pavement patch repairs are the most effective asphalt repair solutions for alligator cracks, sucken and heavily cracked areas, trip hazards, smaller pothole repair, etc.

Asphalt repair for parking lots & driveways

Is your existing asphalt looking a little rough?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new parking lot — our team can help repair your asphalt, keeping your lot safe and functional for years to come. We repair asphalt cracks in driveways and commercial asphalt parking lots in Southeast Idaho. We can fix large cracks, potholes or damaged pavement surfaces to make sure your property stays in good condition for years!

We have years of experience in the industry and we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently!