Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping is important because of the aesthetic value it contributes to the establishment that owns the parking area. A clean environment will amount to a good working condition for employees and a good reputation for customers.

Cleaning your Idaho business lot on a regular basis is not just about presenting the right image to your customers:

Why is Sweeping necessary?

Parking lot sweeping is a vitally important aspect of your pavement maintenance. Not only will sweeping provide a more aesthetically appealing storefront or neighborhood, but it also acts to remove the debris that will cause pavement to degrade over time or impact the safety of your parking lot. Imperial Asphalt is your go to contractor when it comes to parking lot and street sweeping services. We have a professional and dedicated crew who will work with you on your next sweeping project.

WE care about our environment

Sweeping helps remove trash, brake dust, rubber and other debris that can pollute Idaho’s stormwater. Without routine parking lot cleaning, contaminated stormwater runoff can travel across commercial parking areas and through our community’s storm sewer system, ending up in our drinking water.

Regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping services keep your parking area, walkways and public access areas cleaner. Beyond increasing property values, a well-maintained parking lot has been shown to discourage people from littering.

Offers One time serivce or on a routine basis

Parking lots are far more important than most people think. This is where potential customers derive their first impression of a business. People always consider the cleanliness of an establishment whenever they go shopping, whether they realize it or not. It’s important for the external parts of a business to be as neat and orderly as its interior. At Imperial Asphalt, our expert cleaners can maintain the pristine condition of your parking area. Whatever the size or type, we will get the job done effectively and efficiently.