Wade Hone

Wade Hone, was such a big part in shaping Imperial Asphalt into the company that it now is, as his brother, I want to designate a portion of our website to celebrate his life and contribution to our family’s business.

We lost Wade in a car accident at the close of our 2013 season.  For an explanation of the accident click here.

Wade had so many interests, hobbies, friends, goals, and skills, I just keep thinking that I want to do something to share what an amazing brother, partner, and friend he was, is, and will always be remembered as.  Since website design was one of his interests and skills, I am posting this here on our website.

Wade was a Gamer!  His Handle was Zwolf which was short for Zachery Wolf, his pen name.  He played World of Warcraft, Diablo, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Neverwinter, Dragon age, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Halo just to name a few of so many more.

Wade was the Sales and Marketing Manager of Imperial Asphalt.  He began working with Dennis Hone, the owner, in 2006.  Through 2013, Wade was responsible for increasing revenues at Imperial Asphalt by 62%.   He was able to develop relationships with our customers in a way only Wade knew how.  He loved what he did, and made friends with everyone he worked with.  He enjoyed working with his Dad as the owner, and I always looked forward to the many meetings, phone calls, bid openings, and occasional Friday afternoon movies we enjoyed together.