Crack Seal:
Best ‘Bang for the Buck’


Cracks in an asphalt surface provide water with direct access to the sub-base of the road, driveway or parking lot.  As water mixes with the gravel underneath, the sub-base can become soft, allowing the asphalt surface above to fail. 

This failure is often the cause of potholes and cracking. With proper asphalt maintenance, the failure can be slowed considerably and the life of the asphalt extended. This delays the costly need to resurface or replace the asphalt. 

Crack seal:
An Important Part of your Maintenance Plan.

There are multiple types of crack seals that are designed to fill cracks in different situations.  For example cold pour vs hot pour sealants.  Where cold pour sealants sold at hardware stores or contractor depots may work in a warmer climate, the severe Temperature shifts that are experienced in the North West quickly break the bond of a could pour sealant. crackSealYesNo

In Idaho’s cold environment the flexibility of a hot pour crack seal is needed to last through the freeze thaw cycle we experience every winter.

There are specific crack seal products designed for highways and road use that differ from those designed for parking lot and driveway use where more foot traffic is expected. 

For each specific Asphalt Maintenance situation that arises, Imperial Asphalt will provide the right solution. crackseal2

Our indirect heat transfer kettles will melt blocks of rubberized crack sealant at temperatures above 350 degrees F. 

This liquid rubber is then installed in the crack filling it to the top, leaving a band-aid effect on the surface to create a sealed crack.  The liquid rubberized material is allowed to penetrate the crack as deep as it will flow. The crack seal material then adheres to the side walls of the crack as it cools down and cures.  This bond affect is something that is best achieved by the heated liquid form hot pour crack seal provides. 


Imperial Asphalt also offers other needed services such as the routing of cracks, Traffic Control, and the Cleaning of parking lots, driveways, and roads with our vacuum truck/sweepers.

From small residential driveways to busy freeways and complex city streets, Imperial Asphalt has served Southeast Idaho for over 15 years.  We offer free asphalt maintenance evaluations and consultations and we will follow up with superior service and quality work, all with competitive prices.

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