Seal Coat of Driveway after Seal Coat

Benefits of Imperial Asphalt’s Seal Coat System: 

  • Restore essential asphalt oils
  • Create a “wear surface”.
  • Fill the voids making a smoother surface.
  • Protect the asphalt from traffic and the elements.
  • Provide an appealing pitch black surface.
  • Replace fine aggregates lost from the surface due to oxidation.
  • Water proof pavement.
  • Seal small cracks preventing water from seeping into and destroying the base.
  • Promote snow to melt faster and moisture to evaporate quicker.

Our Integraseal Emulsified Asphalt seal coat fills the voids in the pavements surfaces, making it smoother, which allows water to flow off of the pavement more freely, and the process of cleaning and snow removal easier.

Our pitch black seal coat will reach a higher temperature in the sunlight than gray unsealed pavement, resulting in faster snow melt and moisture evaporation.

We offer seal coating to commercial and residential property owners with a construction design that will accommodate all types of businesses and schedules, from shopping malls to gas stations.

Keeping your pavement in good condition is important to any property owner, as it leaves a lasting impression on all customers and visitors. Our routine asphalt maintenance plan can save you thousands of dollars by extending the life of your asphalt investment.  While the cost of new asphalt seems to continually increase, we can maintain your asphalt with seal coat at a cost of only 5% to 10% of new or replacement asphalt.

Asphalt is made from a combination of aggregate and asphalt oil.  As it is exposed to the sun, rain, traffic, and of course, freezing the oils that bind the asphalt together deteriorate and the aggregate in the asphalt will gradually break free causing raveling on the asphalt surface.  As small, grit like pieces of aggregate break free, voids and small gaps in the asphalt allow water to penetrate and work away at the asphalt oils from inside.  The water inside the asphalt during Idaho’s freezing winter months will expand and contract to break it up, causing cracks and potholes. By implementing our asphalt maintenance program which consists of applying a seal coat designed for Idaho’s climate, these negative effects can be reduced. 

Imperial Asphalts Typical Seal Coat Cleaning and Application:

  • Ensure all cracks over 1/8th of an inch have been Crack Sealed.
  • Ensure all patching is complete.
  • Intensely Clean all of the asphalt surface being seal to ensure it is free from all loose material, dirt, dust, and debris, as well as any embedded dirt while paying special attention to all edges and puddle areas.
  • Cleaning will include the use of High-pressure walk behind air blowers, air vacuum  sweepers and wire hand-brooms to remove these objectionable materials, or by other appropriate means. No foreign material should be left on asphalt before or during seal coating.
  • An oil spot sealant can be applied to grease and oil spots to help seal coat bonding in those areas.
  • Remove all weeds and other vegetation growing through the asphalt.
  • Uniformly Apply one to two coats of Integraseal Emulsified Asphalt Seal Coat to the asphalt surface area in continuous parallel lines with rubber faced squeegees, motorized squeegee applicator, and/or spray equipment, so that no ridges or un-coated areas remain.
  • Application rates will vary depending on the texture of the existing asphalt surfaces, with rough surfaces requiring more material than smooth surfaces.  We evaluate each project at the time we prepare an estimate to determine which application method and rate meets your expectations and will be best for your pavement surface.
  • Provide a minimum of 24 hours for seal coat to cure before allowing traffic on newly sealed surface.  We understand allowing a full 24 hours is not always possible. Our estimators and Project Foreman can meet with you to develop a construction design that will accommodate all types of businesses and schedules. We strive to minimize the impact on businesses during a maintenance project.


Depending on the type of traffic, weather conditions, and the general quality and condition of the existing asphalt, it is recommended to seal coat every 3 to 6 years to protect your Investment.

We at Imperial Asphalt would be happy to perform a complimentary evaluation of your property. We will complete the evaluation, and provide you an estimate free of charge.

Give us a call, and we would be happy to visit with you about becoming your asphalt maintenance solution provider.

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Happy Trails!